How does GIGANET Wireless work?

Giganet Wireless utilities the ISM band of 5.8Ghz, broadcasting from dedicated Sector antennae’s, giving us excellent coverage to our clients. Each Tower is connected to at least another two more towers, to ensure that there is network redundancy in the unlikely event of a network outage.

While you may pick up our wireless from time to time on your laptop/Cellphone/Tablet, you will not be able to use it. This is because a dedicated client premises equipment( CPE) antennae is needed. From the CPE, we run a network cable into your house/office and install a high end WiFi router, for your internal WiFi needs.

Wireless Internet Packages

Giganet uncapped internet is ideal for businesses and home users who have high monthly data usage, or do not wish to be concerned about monitoring their data usage. 

Premium Essential
Ideal for businesses or home users with high usage Ideal for Small/Medium businesses and homes. 
High upload volume Asymmetric link (Slower upload speeds)
Optional Public IP No Option for Public IP
1:2 Contention Ratio(sharing) 1:8 Contention Ratio (Sharing)
Highest Priority on Network Traffic Shaping during business hours

NB: The contract options (12,24 and 36 Month) include the Equipment (tariffs provided on Page 2: Installation Options) 
Telecommunication services to residential customers are VAT zero rated, this does not apply to the Equipment Rental portion. 

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And arrange your free line of sight. 

Giga Wireless pricing