IT Guru Solutions is upgrading ALL uncapped packages for free; sets 6 Mbps as minimum download speed

IT Guru Solutions, the Operators of Giganet Wireless have upgraded the speeds of all Wireless Essential, Premium Uncapped products FREE of charge, effective from 01 May 2022. GigaFiber Packages will also be upgraded. All new customers that sign up in May will receive these new package prices as well as a 10% discount on the first 3 months.

Part of this upgrade is the introduction of our 20Mbps Wireless packages( limited to specific areas) as wells as our 30Mbps GigaFiber lines.

To keep up with the demand of internet related services, 4Mbps is simply not enough, and we felt that we can’t offer this sub-par speed any longer to existing and potential customers. That is why we have set our minimum download speeds to 6Mbps.

The upgrades for all Giganet Essential and Premium uncapped clients are as follows:

– 4 Mbps upgraded to 6 Mbps
– 6 Mbps upgraded to 8 Mbps
– 8 Mbps upgraded to 10 Mbps
– 10 Mbps upgraded to 15 Mbps
– 15 Mbps upgraded to 20 Mbps

GigaFiber clients are upgraded as follows:

– 10 Mbps upgraded to 15 Mbps
– 15 Mbps upgraded to 25Mbps
– 25 Mbps upgraded to 30 Mbps

Essential Uncapped
PRODUCT NUMBERNAME (Download/Upload)Monthly
Ex Vat Excludes Equipment
ESSNUCAP66Mbps/3Mbps Line UncappedN$ 400,00
ESSNUCAP88Mbps/4Mbps Line UncappedN$ 650,00
ESSNUCAP1010Mbps/5Mbps Line UncappedN$ 1050,00
ESSNUCAP1515Mbps/6Mbps Line UncappedN$ 1250,00
ESSNUCAP20*20Mbps/6Mbps Line UncappedN$ 1500,00
Premium Uncapped
Ex Vat Excludes Equipment
PREMUCAP66Mbps/6Mbps Line UncappedN$ 700,00
PREMUCAP88Mbps/8Mbps Line UncappedN$ 1 100,00
PREMUCAP1010Mbps/10Mbps Line UncappedN$ 1 580,00
PREMUCAP1515Mbps/15Mbps Line UncappedN$ 2 800,00
PREMUCAP20*20Mbps/20Mbps Line UncappedN$4 200,00
*Limited to specific areas

The migration to higher speeds will take place in the days after the 1st of May 2022.

The 4096 kbps entry-level package is phased out. It also reaffirms the company’s commitment to Namibia by taking the initiative to connect our clients to the world at high speeds, thus meeting the broadband minimum speed set in line with the national broadband plan.

The upgrades enable customers to access rich media content such as video, music and seamless live streaming at faster speeds without buffering or poor loading times.