Giganet VPN Solution.

Giganet is a leading carrier of wireless broadband internet access data services.

With the high cost of running, and long lead times to installation, Diginet or Leased Lines often reduce a company’s performance in the short, medium and long term. Many companies have opted to replace Diginet Lines with ADSL, but the bandwidth capacity is often limited and the quality is reduced via the ‘Internet cloud’.

Our VPN solutions are fully customisable to meet your specific requirements. Common scenarios for wireless VPN deployment include:

  • Connecting two locations, e.g. remote branch to head office.
  • Connecting multiple site to a central location, e.g. video surveillance of different sites from a single location or staff members connecting to the office for after hours work.
  • Connecting multiple sites together in a mesh, e.g. multiple sites sharing the same system.

We offer guaranteed high speed dedicated wireless internet access links at affordable prices with reduced waiting times to installation.


• Cost Savings on Wireless Connectivity
• Guaranteed Dedicated Wireless Speeds
• Optimised for VoIP / Voice over IP
• Secure Wireless VPN Solutions
• Multiple Redundant Wireless Links
• 24/7 Network Support
• Fast Installation Turnaround
• Professional Exceptional Service

VPN Example

An example of a VPN solution with a remote branch, a home connection and a redundant backup link for the head office.