is IT Guru Solutions in house developed, maintained and hosted offsite backup solution, aimed at home and SME users who need that peace of mind knowing that their data is securely backed up in the event of a disaster.


• All data communication to our server is secure and impossible to access from outside the Giganet network.
• All traffic to the server is separate from your regular internet line, so if you are uploading a large file for backup, it will not affect your regular internet speeds.
• A dedicated GigaCloud application will run on your PC which keeps your files synced 24/7. This will be a folder on your PC that automatically syncs the contents to the GigaCloud server.
• Web interface is available to access your data if you are not at your PC.
• Multiple user accounts available, allowing for easy file sharing between staff or family members.
• Versioning: a hidden versions folder is provisioned in every user’s directory and is used to store old file versions. A user can revert to an older version through the web interface at any time, with the replaced file becoming a version.
• Deleted Files: All deleted items are kept for up to 30 days, so in the event of an accidental deletion, you can recover the files.
• In the event of a total disaster, we are able to assist with a full data recovery via an external hard drive or flash drive, reducing the need to wait for your data to download.
• Additional functions available on request, e.g.:
o Password database, to safely store all your passwords.
o Calendar function, for share calendars and event/meeting bookings
o Task tracking
o Project Management
o Contact storage and sharing
o Video and music streaming + storage.
• If required, a dedicated GigaCloud server can be provided to your company, that is fully customized and styled to fit your company. This is ideal for companies looking to move to a cloud based solution for company functions that is affordable and secure.
Please note that at this time, file syncing and backups are only available within the Giganet network, you however able to view your files from anywhere in the world via the web interface.