Giganet Premium Uncapped

Giganet Premium uncapped internet is ideal for businesses and home users who have a high monthly data usage, or do not wish to be concerned about monitoring their data usage.
All our Premiumuncapped packages are based on a 1:2 contention ratios with zero AUP usage limitations.

During Business hours All Premium packages get highest priority on our network, effectively providing a 1:1.25 contention ratio, or in other words we guarantee a minimum of 75% of your line speed at extreme peak times, majority of the time you will experience near if not your full line speed.

All Premium accounts are also eligible for a dedicated static Public IP for remote access and onsite hosting.

Our Giganet Premium Uncapped packages offers the following features:

  • 1:2 shared contention ratios(overall, 1:1.25 during business hours).
  • No AUP restrictions.
  • Higher priority during business hours.
  • No peer to peer traffic allowed during business hours.