GSpot Wi-Fi hotspot Solution.

Our GSpot solution is a powerful hotspot system giving you one of the ultimate mobile solutions, venue owners can now offer Internet connectivity as an added value to guests and patrons.

Business travelers and even holiday makers want to keep in touch with their offices or families regardless of destination. With most laptop computers, smart phones and tablet devices having built-in Wi-Fi adapters; usage at cafes, hotels and airports is becoming more common and even demanded by many business travelers.

Our solution can bring additional revenue to the business owner or it can be offered free as a customer service.

By installing a GSpot HotSpot we provide business owners with a tried and tested solution.

The solution also includes:

  • User Support
  • Pre-configured components
  • Remote monitoring of equipment
  • Hotspot Signage

Typical Hotspot venues include:

  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Guest Houses
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Conference Venues
  • Office Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Petrol Stations

Hotspot Features

yourbrandYour Branding – Customise the login page with your company branding and logo for a more professional look and feel. When people connect to your Wi-Fi signal, they are redirected automatically to your Hotspot Start Page (called Splash Page).

notjustWiFiData Capture – you can customize what fields you require from your customers. You can request email, phone number, other personal data, or you can even create your own custom questions which your customers need to fill out (like feedback).

Vouchers – Use Vouchers to Limit guest Accesses. You can distribute Vouchers to limit the access to the internet.

reportsCreate Powerful Reports – you can create purchase reports and break it down by date or period, location and type of payment (Credit Card, PayPal, Pre-Paid). A chart is also generated to give you a clear visual overview.

statsStats – User Search, Usage Information. You can find out how many times a user logged in, how much time did he/she spend online, how much traffic did he/she downloaded and uploaded. You can also see the MAC address (es) of his/her computers.

notjustWiFiNot just for Wi-Fi – The system is not made for Wi-Fi only. You can easily connect desktop computers or kiosks so people without laptops can also use your Internet Hotspot. For example, you can easily start an Internet cafe.

System Alert – We’re monitoring your Hotspot System 24/7 and alert you if something is wrong.

securityNetwork Security – Currently many businesses share their business Wi-Fi key with their guests. This instantly give them full access to your private business network, exposing your systems to attack and possible loss of data. Our hotspot system is physically separate from your business network, ensuring that no malicious attacks on your systems originate from the hotspot users.

controlControl how your Wi-Fi gets utilised – By requiring users to register/enter voucher number, you have better control on who uses your Wi-Fi, as well as controlling how it gets used. Free usage can be data or time limited, if someone needs more time/data they can purchase additional vouchers.